Last week. Power out when I woke up. In the street a big black armoured car. Then total normalcy. Turns out the power bill just hadn’t been paid. Saw another armoured car that day but didn’t hear anything of it.

Today. Frighteningly cold. The people in bad situations are likely freezing tonight. There is a woman in Kilis, about 30 minute drive south. I interviewed her maybe six months ago. She has kids. Her husband died, though not as a result of the conflict.  She lives in a empty car garage, tarps for walls. It is -10 and windy tonight. They have a wood burning stove, so I hope tonight they have wood. No income she collects discarded bread and goes through garbage. When we came into her abode there was a pile of hard bitten mouldy bread in a corner, kept away from where they sleep and play. The bread in that pile was for eating.

She used to watch Turkish soap operas in north Syria, but in south Turkey doesn’t have a television in her hovel. She gave her son a Turkish name after one of her favourite characters before she knew she’d be flung from her home. She laughed, hoping it would serve him well. I remember one quotation without looking at my transcript and notes. “God has forgotten us.”

Heading west to Antakya tomorrow.