Stories from Syria Podcast. EP2: Fadi

“I have been sleeping here five days a week.”

Fadi had a bachelor apartment in a basement flat on the east side of Toronto, but had not been sleeping there often. It was hot and sticky and buggy. There are spiders, not that he is afraid of spiders. Thankfully, he has a sponsorship group, concerned Canadians who brought him here, and a couple close friends from Syria who arrived before him.

“I don’t believe in communities,” he said when the mic wasn’t running, “I don’t want to deal with communities anymore. Now I deal with people on a person to person basis.” If I misrepresent him in the published interview, he won’t judge all Canadians for it, just me.

When we spoke he had only been in Canada a few months and was looking for a steady job. Since, he has moved into a new shared apartment.

“I can’t say yet that I am fine. The IOM told me that if I come to Canada I will be fine, but as of now I don’t feel I can say I will be fine!”