Metrobus talk

Nearing midnight in Istanbul, on the metrobus from the airport, a man interrupted me when he heard that I loved Istanbul.

“Excuse me for eavesdropping, but can I ask you, why do you say you love Istanbul?”

I told him when I stay in Galata, I love Istanbul. There there is no public traffic nightmare and you can see all the beauty of this city. I was trying to get at the things Istanbul is great for are independent of today’s politics.

“I lived in this city my whole life, I grew up here, and now I don’t like it,” the young man said. “I go to school in Ankara and when I come back, the people, the feeling, the atmosphere. They are closed. The traffic, I feel closed in.”

“I think the problem is with the people. They are too easily manipulated. They have to change their way of thinking. But I don’t see any hope for this. I think this vote tomorrow will pass. I think bad things will happen. I can feel it coming.”

I asked him what he thought about the newspapers and journalists here.

“I am sorry to say this but they… they are ass lickers.”

He asked me a bit about Canada. Then I said goodnight in Turkish, he replied.

Bonne nuit. Enchante.” 

Your French is better than mine, I half-joked.

One thought on “Metrobus talk

  1. He is probably dissapointed about politics and the press in this country which is understandable (break news nowadays). Need to see beyond the horizon to rescue the good things, introspection.


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