Guest Post: In a boutique shop…

by Amr Al-Faham [a soon to be Syrian-Canadian!]

In a boutique shop for antiques and small home decorations, there was an item for sale in the shape of a sign. The sign looked interesting and my wife asked the shop owner about it.

“It’s the Hindu sign of om,” the shop owner said. My wife said that that the first letter looks like a reversed Arabic letter. The shop Owner, wanting to sell us some items rapidly answered:

“Oh, we have Arabic here too, please have a look in the shop, we have all the gods here.”

I laughed loudly at the idea, thinking that she was telling a joke. But she gave me that very serious face and then replied politely.

“We do have all the gods here of all main religions, please have a look.”

I acted that I became serious too, and started to look for all the gods that were crammed on the shelves and the walls at that Canadian shop.

Sorry, shiva, Budha, Jesus, Allah and the other gods for not taking her seriously.



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