Out of Antep


This was the view from the tarmac this morning. Woke up half past five, Syrian family woke early just to see me off at 6. But the parting is actually the reverse. They’ll go back to Syria in a couple weeks and for a long time, while I’ll be back in Gaziantep shortly.

It is not unusual when flying from Gaziantep to encounter first time fliers (or at least inexperienced ones) and their quirks. I swear I saw one man today cleaning between his teeth with the serrated packet edge of the wet hand towels they hand out. He was at it a while.

Update: The man and his family previously mentioned in this space is off to Istanbul again to try and board a plane for America.

Finished reading Loretta Napoleoni’s Merchants of Men today, previously referenced here. Hopefully the sloppiness of the second half of the book does not indicate that that which I block-quoted was spuriously quoted, re: the narrative of Italy’s dealing with Libya under Gaddafi.

Finding hotel deals during low season is not the best anecdote of the Turkish economy, but for $34 tonight I have a three room suite near Istanbul’s European airport with fully equipped kitchen and laundry (an excess that was unbeknownst to me when I booked this morning).

Next post will be better.



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