Katmer Simit and Various Dessert Pornography


I tried Katmer Simit for the first time today. Katmer is a breakfast item in the same way Canadian pancakes with maple syrup is a breakfast item. It is fried phyllo dough with sugar and pistachio, near as I can tell. Simit is just a ring of bread near as I can tell, not quite a pretzel. Normally it is covered with sesame seeds. Delicious and ubiquitous here in Turkey you can find it as street food or in the bakeries or cafes.

So Katmer Simit, near as I can tell, is just a circle of katmer. Warning NSFW:

The other day I also had Syrian coffee (below) with kadayıf (background) and Halawet el Jebn (foreground).


Halawet el Jebn is my favourite Syrian or Turkish food (so far) — soft, chewy, impossibly sweet, soaking in sugared rosewater — it has that quality of the best desserts, it tastes like it is terrible for your teeth.


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