Diction, 2

Is Turkey safe for tourists and can I cancel my holiday?



This telegraph headline has the distinction of being sufficient. You need not read further.

But if you clicked through you would be presented with anecdotes and charts and facts and quotes from various sources — none that actually answer the question, just gives various angles of newscycle fear porn (this is trending this way, this that way, look at this map to feel informed about the falling sky).

Said map includes the winner in vapidity category — “underlying threat.” telegraph

Near the end of the article they have a graph that charts the number of foreign visitor arrivals to Turkey, per year, showing a strong upward trend. It turns out Turkey has been welcoming more and more people from abroad year after year. No where does the article give a per capita rate of expiry — the metric that might answer the question. The answer is yes, for what it is worth, Turkey is safe for tourists.

I’m off to Taksim.



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