Since I posted Snow the weather in Gaziantep has continued in a spirit of wretchedness. I stayed up late last night, woke at ten, and took two hours to rise. Though in bed this morning I did read this well-written piece about the Mosul dam‘s impending collapse, the humans (American, Kurdish, and Iraqi bureaucracies, Italian engineers) pouring sludgegap measures, and the mass, preventable casualties that will ensue if nothing proper is done soon. Sometimes, when David Remnick is not scribbling divisive reactionary panic about Trump, the New Yorker is worth reading.

It began hailing as soon as I stepped outside. I was envying women in headscarves as I wrapped mine (of the neck variety) around my ears (two appendages particularly vulnerable to hail, turns out).

Yesterday evening I exchanged Arabic for English with a friend over the meal pictured below. The çorba (soup) costs money, but those plates between are gratuitous. The pink/purple is radish, the soup is lentil, and the four meatspice pieces on top of the green are called çig kofte (with lemon, which is leimun in Arabic, near as I can tell, they were the best part of the meal).


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